A few weeks (month?) ago I wrote

But which way is the desired one, which one should you aim at? I would say the answer to this question is: none.

(of course about software engineering, what else?)

Today I would like to update this statement. I think there is a way or an aim you should choose when coding. The aim should be clarity. Earlier I described it as “better maintainability” but clarity is probably more to the point.

And clarity has a lot to do with reducing. There are actually loads of articles out there that help you to write better. Reduction is always an important point. Same with code. Aim for clairity, aim for reduction.

The thing with clarity is that it is no science, as test to code ratio or similar. But you may develop an eye for it. You’ll know it when you see it. If you declare it as your aim, many decisions when coding are easier, since you have a clear goal. You will be surprised where this takes you :)

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